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Seeking Experts on Sanctions Related to Luxury Goods


CRDF Global is seeking Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with experience developing and delivering instruction and training on best practices to proactively implement UN sanctions on countries such as Iran and North Korea. This RFI is focused on enhancing the capacity of private and public sector actors to implement sanctions related to luxury goods and report potential violations. 

The Subject Matter Expert would have experience developing and delivering trainings on implementing UN sanctions, including a deep understanding of relevant UN Security Council resolutions, international buyer/seller networks, and legal statutes related to luxury goods. Moreover, the Subject Matter Expert would have knowledge of how state actors—notably DPRK and Iran—seek to circumvent these sanctions regimes through trade in illicit commodities and luxury goods. The SME must be able to train law enforcement, maritime authorities, and/or private sector actors using specific case studies highlighting the threats and risks posed to the necessary audiences. 

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