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Seeking Experts on Maritime Sanctions Evasion

CRDF Global is seeking Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with experience developing and delivering instruction and training on best practices to enhance the capacity of maritime stakeholders to proactively identify and report potential violations of UN sanctions related maritime activities of countries such as North Korea and Iran. The Subject Matter Expert would build, tailor, and deploy curricula for government and non-governmental audiences around the world, both in person and via online methods such as live or recorded webinars. This effort could include presentations and tabletop exercises but it also might include providing short-term consultative services to key stakeholders.

SMEs should have experience developing and delivering trainings on maritime sanctions, including a deep understanding of relevant UN Security Council resolutions, flag registries, and the maritime sector. SMEs should also have knowledge of how state actors—notably DPRK and Iran—seek to circumvent sanctions regimes such as ship-to-ship transfers, false documents, disabling ship identification/location transponders, etc. and be able to train to specific case studies highlighting the threats and risks posed to the necessary audiences.

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