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Seeking Experts on Chemical Security


CRDF Global organizes a wide variety of programming centered around Chemical Security Programs (CSP) that promotes safety, security, sustainability through science, innovation, and providing trainings to a variety of audiences in countries around the world.

As such, CRDF Global requires on-going, flexible, and lasting partnerships with experts in the field.

Scope & Tasks:

RFP Subject Matter Expertise:

The Contractor / Subject Matter Expert (hereafter, “Contractor / SMEs”) would be expected to provide contracted services such as, but not limited to: 

  1. Consulting Services:
    1. Providing consulting services for process risk management to promote and educate on environmental, health, safety, and security standards.
    2. Providing technical expertise through in-person and remote trainings to strengthen organizational capacity and share best-practices to prevent against incidents and tech management how to respond to them.
  1. Course Material Development
    1. Providing access to a network of subject matter experts (SMEs) to assist with developing course materials on chemical security topics such as chemical inventory management, physical/facility security, security vulnerability assessments, risk management, Responsible Care® and personnel surety.
    2. Building, developing, tailoring, and deploying course material for private and public audiences around the world, both in person and via online methods such as live or recorded webinars. Examples of course material development are module recordings, presentations, training agendas, curriculum development and participant evaluations on chemical security issues.
  1. Training Implementation
    1. Leading and presenting during trainings, conducting table-top exercises and discussions on variety of chemical security topics, providing solutions and expertise to assist participants on improving their chemical security knowledge and strengthening chemical security culture in their respective institutions and communities.


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