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Seeking BRM Experts at the University of Maiduguri

CRDF Global has an immediate need to identify individuals currently working at the University of Maiduguri to become trained on biosafety, biosecurity, and biorisk management (BRM) topics. This cohort of individuals will serve as BRM experts not only to their colleagues at the University of Maiduguri, but also throughout the country and the region. The identified and selected individuals will work alongside a subject-matter expert to develop their skills in biosafety, biosecurity, and BRM as well as their abilities to teach and train other individuals. The selected cohort of trainers will actively participate throughout 2020 and attend three in-country trainings notionally scheduled for June, August, and November (see potential Timetable below).

CRDF Global will make all necessary travel arrangements and accommodations (travel, lodging, per diem, medical insurance, etc.) for all selected individuals.

Submission Deadline is March 8, 2020.

Download the RFI