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Seeking Border Security Subject Matter Experts

CRDF Global is seeking export control and strategic trade control subject matter experts with experience working in high threat environments to provide instruction and hands-on training to advance enforcement of strategic trade control systems of partner nations. The SME will support foreign government efforts to implement comprehensive strategic trade control (STC) systems that meet international requirements. The SME must be able to travel internationally, including to high risk areas.

Contractor Requirements:
The contractor will have experience working as or with border security and other law enforcement officials associated with enforcing or implementing border security at ports of entry, and expert capability to conduct training on three major aspects of border security:

I.    Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNe) substances, as well as WMD components, and emphasize the non-state actor threat and focuses on the commodities that a terrorist may use to manufacture CBRNe weapons. This training would include the roles and responsibilities of land border guards and enforcement officers, and practical exercises of examining documents and manual inspection techniques.

II.    Detection and interdiction of individuals who may be engaged in trafficking in items of proliferation concern and other contraband along any areas between official border crossings.  Training capabilities include topics such as: patrolling, surveillance, detection, tracking, interdiction, behavioral analysis, interview techniques, document review, and equipment use.

III.    Enhancement of enforcement officials to interdict illicit trafficking in items of concern through the use of commercial motor vehicles, including design and destination considerations of commercial vehicles, concealment methods, vehicle inspections, smuggling indicators, and roadside seizures.

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