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Request for Information for Country Directors for CDC Capacity Building (Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq)

CRDF Global is seeking experienced Country Directors for six countries (Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq) to work within the Health and Biosecurity Practice Area for an anticipated CDC capacity building Global Health Security Partner Engagement Continuation opportunity.  As a member of the team, the Country Director will oversee and be responsible for all in-country work on the anticipated opportunity.  The Country Director is responsible for overseeing the anticipated program.  This is inclusive of all technical aspects that include biosafety and biosecurity, antimicrobial resistance (AMR), zoonotic diseases, surveillance systems, information systems and reporting, workforce development, emergency management and emergency operations centers, linking public health, law enforcement and multisectoral rapid response units, sustainable finance, among others; in-country team and relationship management.   

Download the RFI for Mali Download the RFI for Nigeria Download the RFI for Cameroon Download the RFI for Pakistan Download the RFI for DRC Download the RFI for Iraq