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Experts on Emerging Technologies and Nonproliferation

Submission Deadline: 17:00 EST; February 7, 2022

Summary and Scope:

CRDF Global is seeking experts with knowledge of one or more of the following emerging technologies and their respective dual-use or nonproliferation applications:

  • Blockchain;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Synthetic Biology;
  • Quantum Computing; OR,
  • Additive Manufacturing.

The experts will lead an introductory webinar on one or more of the emerging tech categories and two in-person workshops for government stakeholders from Kenya, South Africa, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. The webinars will be conducted in English and will serve as an introduction for policymakers to better understand these critical emerging technologies, security threats associated with them, and potential nonproliferation applications of the technology. Experts will raise awareness of international best practices and recommendations to mitigate security risks and elicit high-level buy-in for implementing risk mitigation policies at institutional, national and regional levels in Africa and Asia. The in-depth workshops will build on the introductory concepts covered during the webinar series.

Experts with experience in the following complementary areas of expertise are encouraged to apply: 

  • Nonproliferation and arms control;
  • Military and civilian (dual-use) applications of emerging technologies;
  • National security and countering weapons of mass destruction;
  • Supply chain and risk management; OR,
  • Responsible innovation and tech ethics.


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