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Cryptocurrencies & Counterproliferation Sanctions-Related Risk: Addressing Evolving Compliance Challenges at Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Related Financial Institutions in the Gulf and Southeast Asia

CRDF Global is seeking one Subject Matter Expert (SME) or group of SMEs  with experience working with counterproliferation finance, sanction compliance and risk management, due diligence, and Know Your Customer protocols to counter the financing of ballistic missile systems and delivery technologies by state actors, particularly Iran. The SME would develop and deliver curriculum for a 90-minute webinar engagement to be delivered to mid- to high-level cryptocurrency exchange compliance officers and sanctions-related professionals at private sector cryptocurrency-related private sector financial institutions located in countries in the Gulf and Southeast Asia. The workshop will aim to train participants such that they are equipped to detect, identify, and halt attempts to exploit potential vulnerabilities within the cryptocurrency-related financial sector that can generate revenue for Iran’s ballistic missile program.

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