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CRDF Global is Seeking Cybersecurity & Research Data Security Subject Matter Expert(s)


For an upcoming engagement, CRDF Global is seeking the following:

Cybersecurity subject matter expert – A Subject Matter Expert experienced in working with the intersection of cybersecurity and strategic intelligence related to State Sponsored cyber hacks.

Research Data Security subject matter expert – A Subject Matter Expert experienced in working with risk management, due diligence, and data governance research on preventing the illicit procurement of advanced technologies for foreign WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and affiliated weapons programs in Southeast Asia

CRDF Global is seeking subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop practical, open-source based, information on foreign state-sponsored malicious activity and evolving tactics targeting institutions conducting research on dual-use technology research, innovation, and manufacturing sectors located in Southeast Asia to enhance their cyber defenses and information security practices. The SME will conduct research in identifying state-affiliated actors in Southeast Asia with the intent to illicitly transfer WMD-enabling technologies. In addition, the SME will raise awareness of research security best practices to private sector technology firms and scientific institutions who would be targeted by the aforementioned companies. This project will equip private industries in Southeast Asia with best practices and compliance standards to detect the licit or illicit transfer of WMD-enabling technologies, and prevent, disrupt, and/or delay mergers, acquisitions, research collaborations, and intellectual property theft that seeks to transfer those technologies.

Submission Deadline: 5:00 PM EDT; November 3, 2021

Modified on 10/14/2021

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