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Meet Our Staff

We are a diverse group from around the world with an interesting array of professional and personal interests. Continue reading to learn more about your potential colleagues.   

Why this career:
 When I was 6, after watching a piece of international news, I asked my mom to help me write a letter to President Reagan “so that there is no nuclear war.” My mom said that I better start studying English because President Reagan doesn’t speak any Russian.
Valerie DeThomas  

People would be surprised to know:  
I’ve been doing living history re-enactments with a group called La Belle Compagnie for the past few years. The group focuses on representing a typical English knight’s household during the Hundred Years War (the group focuses on the years 1380-1415). The group prides itself on historical accuracy and has won many awards. It’s a fun hobby. And, yes, I have a real sword!
- Shawn Wheeler

Why DC:
This was the obvious place to land after two years in Peace Corps. Jobs, friends, and a city with international character and diversity.  
John Crockett

People would be surprised to know:  
I have performed at the Kyiv Opera House (mercifully for all concerned, I did not sing).
- Marilyn Pifer