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We’re passionate about our impact, transparency, and the people we meet. Join us!

Get To Know Us

What is it like working at CRDF Global?  We think we’re just the right size – big enough that there’s room for growth and diversity but still small enough to know all of your colleagues. When our staff were surveyed about the various motivating factors for choosing to work at CRDF Global, the top 3 responses were:

  • Contributing to CRDF Global’s mission to support international scientific collaboration
  • Working with other countries and cultures
  • Being a part of the diverse CRDF Global team

We like to have fun and be social. We have a committee that plans staff gatherings like our annual picnic, holiday parties, ice cream socials, and more. 

CRDF Global is committed to providing a productive and enjoyable work environment. Our headquarters office is bright and open. Our building includes a gym for staff, a roof-top terrace, and plenty of restaurants in the neighborhood. We’re committed to being environmentally responsible and we’re proud of the fact that we’re located in a green office building that is LEED Platinum. We also encourage employees to telecommute one day per week in support of lifestyle flexibility and to reduce the environmental impact of commuting.