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Travel and Logistics

Travel and Logistics


Travel and Logistics

The challenges that threaten our health and security today are broad and complex. The solutions lie in our ability to collaborate across borders towards sustainable development. CRDF Global delivers comprehensive travel and event logistical support that make international missions possible. Our flexible and highly responsive services support individual and group travel worldwide and provide event logistics support for conferences, meetings, trainings, and other activities.  

Wherever your travel takes you, from the U.S., Caribbean, South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, and Turkey, CRDF Global is there. We are known for working in austere and high-risk environments. Our long-term experience in countries like Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, northern Nigeria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Pakistan has yielded well-established relationships with trusted in-country security contractors, logistical service providers, and key government stakeholders, which allow us to carry out successful travel and event logistics support despite the risks.  

We ensure the best value for our partners by managing and securing competitive pricing (i.e. airline/rail tickets, lodging, ground transportation, interpretation and other vendors) in addition to ensuring that arrangements meet applicable requirements (i.e. Federal Travel Regulations, Joint Travel Regulations, Fly America Act, etc.)  

Examples of our travel and logistics support include:

  • Traveler First: 24/7 individualized support for travelers (i.e. airline/rail tickets, lodging, and ground transportation arrangements; visa assistance; emergency travel medical insurance; payments)
  • Comprehensive travel risk management program providing 24/7 security and medical assistance
  • Event logistics arrangements (i.e. venue, interpretation, translation, local ground transportation)  
  • On-site support at events to ensure high quality implementation  
  • Assistance with conference registration and other event-related needs (i.e. agendas, forms, posters, and handouts)
  • Pre- and post-event reports