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Monitoring & Evaluation, Quality


Monitoring & Evaluation, Quality

Our Quality Framework
CRDF Global’s commitment to delivering high quality programs and services to our customers is represented in our Quality Framework. The central theme of the Quality Framework is the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle, a system for continuous improvement. The Quality Framework ensures our work is infused with Our Values, is responsive to our customers’ needs and strives to exceed our customers’ expectations.

The Quality Framework is supported by a Quality Division that helps the staff practice continuous improvement. Using an approach combining principles from Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints, this group promotes a culture of quality and regularly leads organizational process improvements.

Monitoring and Evaluation
Throughout CRDF Global’s 25 years in leading complex, multinational and multifaceted international development projects, we have built a strong reputation among our partners for assuring excellence in our sound and ongoing monitoring of all programmatic activities and rigorous evaluation designs that allow for measuring effectiveness and impacts of our programs and projects.

CRDF Global conducts a variety of evaluations, such as needs assessments, pre-and-post testing of knowledge gains, formative/process and summative/end-of-program evaluations as well as follow on long-term outcome assessment studies. Our programs are evaluated based on established methodological and analytical best practices. All evaluations are evidence based and apply a mixed-methods approach that allows for quantitative and qualitative data collection and data analysis. Over the years we have designed and executed numerous small-scale and large-scale evaluation studies in more than 40 countries and have engaged participants from more than 65 countries.