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Grants and Research Competitions


Grants and Research Competitions

CRDF Global has developed a multi-stage research grant selection process that emphasizes fairness, transparency, and efficiency for scientists and counterparts throughout the world. Using a model based largely on those utilized by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), our grant and research competition activities meets – and exceeds - quality standards that funding organizations require.

CRDF Global has over 20 years of experience both implementing and training other organizations to conduct merit-based research funding competitions. Drawing on our extensive international network, CRDF Global has a proven record of quickly and accurately developing competitions, soliciting applications, and administering awards. We ensure our partners meet their international research goals, including challenging and low-resource environments.

Our impact:

•    Administered over $73,000,000 through 2,600 research grants in 45 countries
•    Engaged over 13,000 scientists and students
•    Implemented 76 peer-reviewed grant competitions
•    Processed over 7,000 proposals – a total of over 20,000 individual reviews

Scientists involved in our research competitions have:

•    Published results in international peer-reviewed journals
•    Received follow-on funding received from major international science funding agencies, such as NSF, NIH, the World Health Organization (WHO), and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
•    Secured fellowships and post-doctoral positions