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Financial and Logistical Management Services


Financial and Logistical Management Services

The best science is global science, but working internationally can be tough. Over two decades of supporting international science and innovation has given us the experience, networks, and tools required to responsibly navigate and support even the most complex international scientific projects.

We specialize in managing all financial and logistical aspects of projects, including:

•    Secure, reliable distribution of funds directly to recipients, including individuals and institutions
•    Multi-currency flexibility
•    Multiple, flexible payment options and mechanisms
•    Transparent monitoring and detailed reporting
•    Minimizing diversion and waste risks
•    Management of vendor selection, screening, negotiation, purchase, and delivery of equipment, supplies, and services in support of the project.
•    Expertise in export control regulation
•    Minimization of taxes or fees where available

When researchers and funders are burdened with cumbersome logistics, risky cross-border financial transactions, and uncertain legal and economic environments, they often turn to CRDF Global to overcome these obstacles.

Whether you are looking to start an international scientific project or already have one in progress, our financial management and logistical support will help you leverage your resources so you can spend more time concentrating on the research.

Our financial management service offers secure and reliable disbursement of funds directly to recipients, individually or institutionally, and we even offer flexibility in the currency we use, typically being USD or Euro. We are proud of the strong, established relationships with prescreened banking institutions worldwide and of our transparent monitoring and detailed reporting.

Our procurement services offer complete management of screening vendors, negotiation, purchasing, and delivery of equipment, supplies, and services.  We can tap into our network of vendors around the world and our expertise in import/export controls helps to guide our process.

For project related travel, CRDF Global can coordinate logistics and payment of both domestic and international travel (transportation and lodging) as well as handling the per diem disbursement to travelers.  We utilize in-house travel coordinators as well as an international network of travel agency partners.

How easy is it to get started?  We think fairly easy – send us an email at (or call us at 703.526.9720) and a client relationship manager will contact you.  

While new clients are sometimes amazed of how much a difference our service makes to their research collaborations, our long-term clients often remark that they do not know what they would do without us. 

So no matter what industry or scientific discipline you are in, if your project meets our mission parameters, we can help you.

If you have more questions, contact us at for more information.

Aimed at simplifying cross-border project management, CRDF Global provides effective mechanisms to ensure successful project implementation.