Success Stories

International Participation in ABSA's Annual Meeting

U.S. government agencies sponsored the participation of more than 40 leading international scientists at the American Biological Safety Association's (ABSA) Annual Meeting in Boston, MA in October 2006. This delegation was comprised of scientists from 15 countries: the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Philippines, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan and India. One of the key sponsors of this delegation was the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction, whose Biosecurity Engagement Program, BioIndustry Initiative and Bio-Chem Redirect programs sponsored the greatest number of participants. A key U.S. government goal of increasing global awareness of laboratory biosafety and biosecurity issues was achieved through participation in this conference.  Plans are currently underway to send a similar delegation to the 2007 conference.