Program Areas

CRDF Global engages global innovators to address the critical challenges of our time—from health and the environment, to security and education. Our work developing and managing scientific programs provides a valuable resource for government, corporate and research communities in the United States and around the world.

  • Capacity Building

    Capacity Building

    Nurturing indigenous education and research capacity and creating linkages among sustaining communities.

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  • Innovation

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Fostering economic growth, competitiveness and science and technology-based entrepreneurship and invention.

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  • Nonproliferation

    Science Engagement

    Relationship and network building to address the diplomatic, developmental and nonproliferation challenges of emerging nations and scientific communities.

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  • Research Partnerships

    Research Partnerships

    Enabling cross-border collaboration, strengthening the quality of foreign research and providing opportunities for junior researchers and female scientists.

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  • CRDF Solutions

    Simplifying the complex process of international scientific research cooperation.

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