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Research Partnerships (RP) Final Project Report


The Final Project Report is due within 30 days of the award expiration date.

The Report consists of three documents:

  1. Final Technical Report
  2. Team Survey from EACH Principal Investigator

Download the forms at the bottom of the page.

Submit the Report as follows:

  • Indicate your award number on all submitted documents and email correspondence – for joint awards, please list the award numbers of both your team and your collaborator’s team.
  • In the case of a collaborative-team project, the Final Technical Report should be jointly prepared. Only one PI should email the report to with subject line: Final Technical Report – Award # [team1]/[team 2]. The other PI should be clearly copied (“cc”) in the email message to indicate concurrence. CRDF Global will not accept project reports submitted without clear concurrence from both PIs.
  • PIs must also complete the required Team Survey to submit with the Final Technical Report.
  • US Teams should complete the US Team Survey and teams from outside the US should complete the Non-US team Survey.
  • For all documents, Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) format is preferred. However, Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Rich-Text (.rtf) formats are also acceptable. If you feel that you will be unable to submit the report electronically, please contact CRDF Global.

For questions regarding the Final Project Report, please contact your Program Officer or Grant Manager or email

Please Note:

* Information provided by the PIs in Section I (Public Summary) of the Final Technical Report will be treated as public information and may be used by CRDF Global in publicly distributed materials. Individual responses provided in the other sections will not be made public without the permission of the PIs. Information identified as business-confidential will be held in strict confidence. Please do not include business-confidential information in Section I of the Final Technical Report.

* Under the CRDF Global Award General Conditions governing this award, the final payments for Individual Financial Support and Institutional Support (if applicable) will not be released until the completed Final Project Report have been received and approved by CRDF Global.

RP_Final Technical Report-APR2015
RP_Non-US Team Survey-APR2015
RP_US Team Survey-APR2015