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Inspired by talented scientists and innovators around the world, CRDF Global provides grants, fellowships, and training to help them succeed in their fields and collaborate across borders.

Research Partnerships Project Status Report

Every six months from the effective date of the Project Agreement, the Principal Investigators are required to submit a Project Status Report. Reports are due within 15 calendar days after the close of each reporting period. Email the Project Status Report as a .doc or .pdf file with subject line: Project Status Report - Award #[team 1]/[team 2] to

In the case of a collaborative-team project, the report should be jointly prepared. Only one PI should email the report, while the other PI(s) should be clearly copied (“cc”) in the email message to indicate concurrence. CRDF Global will not accept project reports submitted without clear concurrence from both PIs.

Research Partnerships Project Status Report

For Projects Involving Human Subjects Research:
Complete and submit the following addendum form in conjunction with regular Project Status Reports. Submission of this addendum is mandatory for all projects involving human subjects.

Download: CRDF Global_Project Status Report-Human Subjects Addendum