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2015 U.S.-Russian University Research Competition

Deadline: Oct 30, 2015 23:59 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

CRDF Global is accepting proposals for the 2015 U.S.-Russian University Research Competition. Please share this information with your colleagues and peers. 

The primary goals of the competition are to:

  • Support high-quality, innovative international research by teams of U.S. and Russian researchers in nanotechnology as it applies to either clean energy or agriculture;
  • Encourage diversity in the international science community, and
  • Establish sustainable joint U.S.- Russia university research collaborations.

The main topic of this competition will be nanotechnology as it applies directly to either of the following:

  1. Clean Energy Technologies (Examples include but are not limited to: Fuel cells, solar energy cells, biofuel processing, fuel efficiency, carbon emissions reduction in transportation/industry);
  2. Agriculture (Examples: Pesticides, Fertilizers, Crop/Livestock production, monitoring devices for irrigation, environmentally-friendly farming techniques)

Joint research teams of scientists employed at U.S. and Russian universities (academic institutions) are eligible to participate in this competition. Proposals must include one Russian Principal Investigator (PI) and one U.S. PI, each 1) possessing the degree of Ph.D., M.D., or the equivalent research experience, and 2) having at least five scientific publications in peer-reviewed scientific literature (If the applicant has received his or her academic degree in the past six (6) years, three (3) publications are required.)

Principal Investigators and U.S./Russian team members must be 1) citizens and permanent residents of the U.S./Russian Federation respectively; 2) legally employed by a U.S./Russian university; 3) residing in the U.S./Russia during the course of the CRDF Global project, and 4) must work full-time in civilian research. All proposals must include participation by at least one student/postdoctoral researcher on each team.  All projects must be oriented toward non-military objectives and must be carried out in a civilian research environment.

The maximum total grant is up to $90,000 U.S. Dollars (USD): up to $70,000 USD from CRDF Global and the ruble equivalent of no less than $20,000 USD from the Russian university at which the awarded Russian PI is employed. These funds will be allocated separately and administered directly to the individuals and institutions involved. Russian universities are only required to contribute in the event that an applicant selected for an award works at that university. Grants will be made over one year with the possibility of a no-cost extension.

As such, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Marina Yundina at

For more information, read the full Request for Proposals (RFP):
 - English version: 2015_U S -Russian University competition_RFP_English_FINAL
 - Russian version: 2015_U S -Russian University Competition_RFP_Russian_FINAL

Download the application form:
 - English version: 2015 US-Russian University Competition - Application Forms
 - Russian version: 2015_U.S.-Russian University Competition_Application Forms_Russian